Kathleen Lattavo

Kathleen Lattavo is a Med-Surg Clinical Nurse Specialist at St.David’s Medical Center is Austin, Texas. “I got into nursing because I really liked the idea of working with science and people at the same time,” says Kathleen who began her career in nursing in 1972. Lattavo started out in Med-Surg and loved the variety and of course with variety comes many different tasks Lattavo helps monitor the quality of patient care by working with nurses, setting up orientations or offering careful advice, as well as remaining in constant contact with supervisors to make sure all of the patients’’ clinical needs are being met. With over 25 years of experience at St.David’s, she has seen the progression within the facility to act on the value of patient needs and is proud! Kathleen began working at St.David’s in 1989 and “has remained there for many reasons,” like the ideal of professional growth and being a part of the team. Kathleen adds that since she has been a part of the team, they’ve done a lot to improve the work environment and provide a safe place for their patients, she adds, “and of course, what I like most are the people I work with.” In regards to professionalism, Lattavo is a part of an organization that that leads instead of follow and believes in investing in its employees. “HCA and St.David’s have afforded me a lot of opportunities,” says Lattavo. With that being said, she was able to get additional training including her RN-BC in pain management and certifications in Med-Surg Nursing and advanced practice. Kathleen Lattavo will be retiring later this year though shes glad to see how many people dedicate their lives for this profession that has indeed, impacted her life, she adds “I just think that nursing offers a lot of opportunities to work in different settings and specialties. It’s a really good profession to get into because there’s a lot of potential for growth.”