Tabitha South

One of the most important aspects of nursing is being able to understand and appreciate the patient’s perspective, a lesson that all nurses can learn, some earlier than others. Tabitha South is the Director of Medical, Surgical and Oncology Services at The Medical Center of Plano. After South received her associate’s degree in nursing, she began her career as a staff nurse and after the next several years, South was promoted into various management positions. “As a director, my everyday tasks vary a lot, “she says. “We look to keep expanding our service lines and continue our growth and development of our facility and teams. While we have all multiple priorities, community engagement and involvement is also important in our organization. South spends her time focused on long-term strategic planning that promotes sustainability and success though; her top priority is to provide excellent patient care. “Even in my current role I still like having a connection to patients because that’s what got me into nursing in the first place,” says Harrison. She also believes that it’s essential for nurses to be fully equipped with all of the necessary information to respond to patient needs. In order to help pre pare for their daily responsibilities, HCA provides on-going education and training to all HCA-affiliated-facilities across the entire healthcare system. “Certification and advanced degrees are differentiations that show, that particular nurse is an expert. In health care, you need to be flexible and innovative,” says Harrison who also wants to see more integration of technology. To conclude she adds “we want nurses to take a great deal of pride and ownership in what they do. Every HCA-affiliated nurse has to be here for the right reasons – the patients.”